Ah Monday, you insufferable baboon.

Monday always seems to be the blemish of our week. Sunday night rolls round, sighs of ‘ugh, it’s Monday tomorrow’ ring through the air, like it’s some sort of disease.

It’s just the same as any other weekday, and for me actually doesn’t have that rotten tone to it. Having spent the last 8 years or so working on weekends, that ‘Friday feeling’ isn’t really a thing for me. I don’t get excited for a weekend, because I may be working and it will feel like any other day. The same goes for those dreaded Mondays.

I am well aware that this is all said in jest and most people don’t actually believe Monday is bad luck, or whatever. It just seems such a funny ol’ thing.

Today  I decided to resist the urge to get back into bed after taking the dog out for his wake up wee. Which has resulted in me being a helluva lot more productive than trying to catch up on the illusive sleep that I probably wouldn’t have gotten anyway.

Change your mindset over little things that you can control. I refuse to be beaten down this week. My birthday falls on Wednesday. Right in the middle and I happen to be working a ten hour shift on that day too. Do you what? That’s okay. I am going in to this week with a brave face and a fuck you depression attitude. It will not win this week.

Next week is another story. A great friend of mine posted this quote up this morning, and it just hit me right in the face as if I had missed out on the positive vibes class at school. So here we go week, let’s do it. Plus we all know how much I love Harry Potter. 😉


Do you best to tackle the tasks of the week head on, but don’t get bogged down in negatives if you don’t manage it. You can only do your best, and that is good enough.




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