Think before you speak – don’t be a dick. Week 3

Things that people who don’t understand say when you tell them about mental illness.  Maybe someone might read it and re-evaluate what they say to the next person who has taken the plunge to open up about their mental illness.

‘What are you so sad about, some people don’t even have clean water.’

Right, because belittling my problems because other people are worse off is definitely the way to go. Just because I have clean water and some people do not, doesn’t make my sadness any less valid.

Funnily enough, happiness isn’t in the water or depression wouldn’t be a thing.

I can still have sympathy and empathy whilst suffering with my mental illness. Mental illness is not a ‘first world problem’ it is a global issue that couldn’t give two fucks if the person it next latches on to has a grand estate with a moat or has to walk 50 miles for a clean bucket of water.

Get off your high horse and don’t be a dick. You could be next. It’s not about who has what – it’s a problem with my brain, not my access to a tap.

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