Barely functioning…

This year feels like an unrelenting inundation of bad luck and crappy things happening to me.  I feel like I am just about keeping my head above the water. I don’t know what to do with myself. I can’t even remember if I brushed my hair today or not. UGH.

Thank goodness for the dog dragging me into the outside world every day or I fear I would be determined to never go out there again. I am trying to keep myself motivated to get tasks done and not fall into a shitty routine of sleeping/staying in bed all day and be up all night doing too much of nothing, scrolling through the social media black hole.

Job hunting is such an arduous task when you are living with mental illness. It is just so limiting. Where do I even start. I need a job that is within walking distance or virtual based, doesn’t involve too much in terms of social interactions and allows me to come home to let my dog out to the toilet often enough that I am not coming home to a poopocalypse! It’s just not going to happen is it. I have been blessed to have my online based job this past three years or so, but I don’t think I will ever find something to fill that spec again.

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