Think before you speak – don’t be a dick – Week 2

Things that people who don’t understand say when you tell them about mental illness.  Maybe someone might read it and re-evaluate what they say to the next person who has taken the plunge to open up about their mental illness.

‘Oh, I felt a bit sad the other day too, I had a good cry and felt much better afterwards’

No. This is probably one of the biggest misconceptions of depression. It isn’t just feeling a bit sad. It’s an overwhelming feeling of everything and nothing all at once.

Emptiness, Sadness, Desperation, Fear, Panic, Anger, Sorrow, Guilt, Hopelessness, Exhaustion and a million other things too. All while feeling completely hollow and disconnected. A good cry won’t fix it. It might help alleviate some feelings, but you can’t just cry out depression – if you could, it wouldn’t be considered an illness.

I am sorry you felt sad the other day, but it really REALLY doesn’t quite compare to depression. Everyone experiences depression in different ways, yes there are many symptoms all people experience, but my sorrow is different to yours, MY fears are different to yours. It’s not about feeling a bit sad and crying it out.


If only it were…

Think before you speak. Don’t be a dick.

Hello Friday – now go away 

First things first – accountability – I bought scratchcards. I did win a fiver, but entirely not the point.

Good now that’s outta the way.
I’ve had what feels like about 7 minutes of sleep. Horrible, harrowing nightmares are back, so it looks like I’m in for a long ride with this lack of sleep. I usually get a fairly long bout of the nightmares, always hopeful it will be a one off though. 

Another thing people don’t really understand about the mind, is that it is a fantastic thing. It has the power to make you feel every emotion and cripple you even in your sleep. My depression brings exhaustion, which messes with my sleep and my tired brain likes to scare me, and make me anxious. It’s a vicious cycle. Another horrible aspect of having mental health problems 
I would go back to bed but actually I feel slightly scared about what my brain will bring me in that moment. So I’m going to try and busy myself with a puzzle or some thing.